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Dec 2, 2008

Video Games for People with Disabilities

As part of the work we continue to do with wounded service members in San Diego, CA, we are occasionally asked about video games that these military men and women can play. In a communication I had with CAUSE as part of the digital library they are establishing at a facility in San Diego, I compiled a list of on-line resources for people with disabilities that want to play video games. The resources include adapted game controllers, like joysticks and a foot pedal for Guitar Hero; console games that may be easily accessed; on-line games with easy adaptations; and games with built-in accommodations. Of particular interest are games that can be played by people with one hand.
While not a comprehensive list, hopefully this has some useful resources:

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Jul 31, 2008

Troops' brain injuries inspire a new mission -

Troops' brain injuries inspire a new mission -
Here is an article on some of the challenges and work being done with returning service members that have been injured in blasts. The difficulties of traumatic brain injury are complex. The work we are doing at Camp Pendleton and C5 in San Diego is directly supporting these men and women to return to their lives with the support of assistive technology. These service members need several types of support to return to their lives. We hope our work is a piece of the puzzle.

Contact us for more information about the work we are doing with TBI and wounded service members.

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Jun 3, 2008

Increasing Demand of Assistive Technology by Wounded Troops

Wounded Troops Increasingly Demand Assistive Technology
Here's an article posted on America's News Today about the increasing demand for assistive technology by troops with injuries. The director of CAP, Dinah Cohen, speaks to some of the benefits of using AT by these troops.

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